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  • Theme park nightmare takes a happy turn after one attendee falls 25 feet
    By Adam Rosenberg - Sunday Jun 25, 2017

    Is there any theme park horror story scarier than the one where someone falls out of a high-flying ride?

    That's exactly what happened at Six Flags Great Escape in Lake George, NY on Saturday — though the incident thankfully had a happy ending. As an unidentified teenage parkgoer dangled 25 feet above the ground, a crowd gathered below to catch her — which they did — once she fell.

    A tense video captured and shared on Facebook by Loren Lent, who witnessed the fall, shows us what happened.

    In his Facebook post, Mr. Lent thanks the Good Samaritan attendees who acted quickly to save the day. He also expresses his surprise that Six Flags seemingly has no rapid response plan for dealing with situations like this. Read more...

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  • Food & wine industry serves up an unexpected romance
    By Louise Rafkin - Thursday Oct 8, 2015

    Food & wine industry serves up an unexpected romance[...] when the two met, at a workplace training, Katherine, now 30, had zero thoughts of romance.Soon after, the two found themselves in a group of co-workers at a birthday party.When Katherine noticed another girl paying close attention to Julian she inserted herself into their conversation.The next day, Julian asked her to dinner, and over Korean BBQ — a favorite for both of them — they discovered a shared passion for food, wine and everything about hospitality.“I told Julian right up front that I liked being in a relationship, and I didn’t like being in the gray zone,” said Katherine, who’d formerly been in a seven-year relationship that started in high school.When Julian was accepted to culinary school in Napa, the two had three months to wait for his classes to begin.On the farms, which ranged from dairy farms to vineyards, there were days when the work was hard — weeding, planting, picking berries — and the hours long.Katherine remembers one night when dinner had not been served by 10 p.m. and she’d been starving since 6 p.m. “Julian always had my back, whether with words of wisdom or a crust of bread,” she said, admitting that there were “lots of tears.”Julian keeps me grounded, he doesn’t go above mellow,” she said, noting that his ancestry from England is the “cool” to her “Mexican hot.After Julian finished culinary school, the couple moved from Napa to an apartment on Russian Hill.Marriage had been talked about, but in May 2014, Julian, now working as a server at Gary Danko, managed to surprise Katherine, now working as a publicist in the food and wine industry, during one of their many outings to Point Reyes.While on a short hike, he dropped to a knee and offered a ring to a surprised Katherine.The weather shone for their Santa Barbara wedding, the clear blue sky completed the theme of bright summer with flowers spilling down the outdoor tables at the Belmond El Encanto hotel.The guests, just under 200 friends and family who came from as far away as Copenhagen and Qatar, enjoyed sweeping views to the ocean, along with their dinner of “low-brow” cheeseburgers.“The best part of the day was seeing all the people I love in one place,” said Julian, a third-generation Santa Barbarian.Louise Rafkin is a Bay Area freelance writer.

    Source: SFGATE.com: Union Squared
  • This Vertical Farm Wants To Be An Agriculture Company, Not A Tech Company
    By Eillie Anzilotti - Wednesday Jul 12, 2017

    FreshBox Farms is going big by focusing on harvests, not proprietary growing systems.

    As the indoor farming industry has taken off in the last several years–over the next 10 years, indoor farming is expected to account for 50% of leafy green production, and grow to a $42 billion industry–it’s become apparent that it’s as much about technology as it is about agriculture. Bowery, a new startup operating out of an old warehouse building in Kearney, New Jersey, developed a sensor-based proprietary technology, called FarmOS, specifically to support the venture by determining necessary nutrient levels, as well as when crops are ready for harvesting. And in South San Francisco, Plenty is growing produce via a tech-supported vertical farming model that has already received $26 million from tech investors like Bezos Expeditions and Innovation Endeavors.

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  • Forget Coal: Asteroid Mining Is Coming Sooner Than You Think
    By Steven Melendez - Tuesday Jun 27, 2017

    Robots are paving the way toward lucrative space mining as NASA and private startups launch pioneering prospecting missions to precious metal-rich asteroids.

    President Donald Trump is obsessed with returning America to its coal mining past—but scientists and entreprenurs have far more ambitious plans. As the planet’s precious metal reserves tap out, big business and NASA are looking to the skies. The race to mine asteroids swirling around the solar system is on.

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  • Colorful photos show auroras dancing in skies around the world this weekend
    By Miriam Kramer - Monday Jul 17, 2017
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  • Four Credit Repair Agencies Accused Of Misleading Customers, Charging Illegal Fees
    By Ashlee Kieler - Tuesday Jun 27, 2017

    Four different “credit repair” operations have been ordered to pay a total of more than $2 million in penalties for allegedly tricking people into thinking their bad credit could be easily fixed.The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau announced today that it filed complaints and proposed judgments against Prime Credit, LLC, IMC Capital, LLC, Commercial Credit Consultants, and Park View Law, …

    Source: The Consumerist
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