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  • Envisioning the Car of the Future as a Living Room on Wheels
    By ERIC A. TAUB - Thursday Jun 15, 2017

    As driverless cars develop, how we sit, inform and entertain ourselves are all up for grabs — and companies, designers and researchers are dreaming big.

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  • Primary Data’s DataSphere Platform Delivers the Dream of Data Orchestration to CDOs
    By Frank J. Ohlhorst - Tuesday May 16, 2017

    DataSphere orchestrates data across file, block and object protocols

    Source: Gigaom
  • Apple's Do Not Disturb While Driving Mode Is Good. Researchers Are Cooking Up Something Better
    By Aarian Marshall - Friday Jun 9, 2017

    Distracted driving is a complex problem that may demand a more nuanced answer.

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  • How to Wake Up in Your Dreams
    By Patrick Allan - Friday Jun 9, 2017

    Now that you know what lucid dreaming is, and you know the benefits and risks, it’s time to give it a solid try. Get ready, oneironauts—we’re about to take off the training wheels. Welcome to Week Three of Lifehacker’s Lucid Dream Workshop.


    Source: Lifehacker
  • Microsoft Executive Says iPad Pro Was Apple's Response to Surface
    By Joe Rossignol - Friday Jun 16, 2017

    Microsoft executive Ryan Gavin this week suggested Apple released the iPad Pro in response to its Surface devices, per Business Insider.

    "When Surface initially launched, everyone was skeptical, including them," said Gavin, general manager of Surface commercial devices at Microsoft. "And then they followed, and the iPad Pro is a clear example of that."

    Microsoft positions the latest Surface Pro, released on Thursday, as a "best-in-class laptop" with the "versatility of a studio and tablet."

    The new Surface Pro features Intel's latest Kaby Lake processors and up to 13.5 hours of battery life on a single charge. The tablet-notebook hybrid can be configured with up to a 1TB SSD, up to 16GB RAM, and up to Intel Iris Plus 640 graphics, with a USB 3.0 port, microSD card reader, and Mini DisplayPort.

    During a 2012 earnings call, when asked to comment on why the MacBook Air and iPad would not eventually converge, Apple CEO Tim Cook argued that combining the products would result in compromises.

    "You can converge a toaster and a refrigerator but those won't be pleasing to the user," said Cook, a comment that Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella poked fun at four years later, alluding to the iPad Pro.

    "I mean, take even Surface," said Nadella, speaking to The Australian Financial Review. "Three years ago, the two-in-one as a form factor was questioned. Does anybody need one? And now guess what, even our competition has decided that it's not a refrigerator and a toaster but it's actually a two-in-one."

    While the iPad and Mac remain two fundamentally different products, the iPad Pro is Apple's closest attempt at a two-in-one hybrid device.

    Apple released the original iPad Pro with a large 12.9-inch display and Smart Keyboard in November 2015, over three years after Microsoft launched its first Surface tablet with a 10.6-inch display and detachable keyboard.

    In contrast, the Surface was arguably Microsoft's response to the iPad as a whole. Apple's tablet launched in early 2010, and the Surface arrived in late 2012.

    Cook has said the iPad Pro is a notebook or desktop computer replacement for "many, many people," adding that "they will start using it and conclude they no longer need to use anything else, other than their phones."

    As for Microsoft following Apple? "We don't really look at Apple," said Gavin.

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    Source: MacRumors : Mac News and Rumors
  • Tim Cook showed up to Trump's big tech meeting — but not Mark Zuckerberg
    By Kerry Flynn - Monday Jun 19, 2017

    President Donald Trump wants to modernize government systems, and he is asking the CEOs of the world's largest tech companies for help. Many executives, like those at Apple, Amazon, and Google, are listening and offering their words of wisdom, while others, like Facebook, appear to be keeping their distance — at least publicly.

    On Monday, tech leaders, including Amazon's Jeff Bezos, Apple's Tim Cook, Alphabet's Eric Schmidt, and Microsoft's Satya Nadella, arrived at the White House. The day-long affair kicked off a week of conversations about the state of the government infrastructure as well as tech policies like cybersecurity, talent recruitment, and government and private sector partnerships.  Read more...

    More about Tech, Politics, Mark Zuckerberg, Tim Cook, and Trump

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  • Apple's Thunderbolt Display doesn’t work with a 12-inch MacBook’s USB-C port
    By Glenn Fleishman - By Glenn Fleishman - Wednesday Jun 14, 2017

    While the USB-C connector type has a lot of advantages and it’s now guaranteed with Intel’s full support at being the dominant peripheral format for the next many years, there’s still a lot of confusion about the difference between USB-C and Thunderbolt 3.

    That comes up in an email from Simon Shaw, who can connect his 24-inch Apple Cinema Display to a 12-inch MacBook (2016 release) using a Mini DisplayPort to USB-C, but finds his 27-inch Apple Thunderbolt Display doesn’t have a solution. It probably seems even more arbitrary when MacBook Air models dating to 2011, including the ones still on sale, can work with both Cinema Displays and Thunderbolt Displays with no problem.

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    Source: Macworld
  • Become Human’s big choice is … violence or pacifism?
    By Stephanie Chan - Tuesday Jun 13, 2017

    Detroit: Become Human got a brand new trailer at today’s Sony event at the Electronic Entertainment Expo in Los Angeles. David Cage’s studio Quantic Dream first announced the title at Paris Game Week in 2015. It’s an action-adventure game set in a dystopian future where androids have integrated into society with various degrees of success. The […]

    Source: VentureBeat