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  • Streaming Still Brings A 'Load' Of Problems
    Friday Apr 21, 2017

    You’ve heard the line--the food’s not good, but the portions are large.

    A report from the growing San Francisco performance analyticsfirm Mux that charted viewer attitudes about video streaming comes up with a similar finding: Viewers are not so very critical of the quality of the video they receive. But they hate to be keptwaiting or be buffered to death.

    Mux quizzed over 1,000consumers from 18 to 44, and determined that the quality of the video is the least likely reason they’ll quit watching.  I should quickly point out more than half (57.3%)will still go away if the picture quality is miserable, but by comparison, that’s pretty good.

    Far more of a buzzkill is everything else that can happen: 47% are“frustrated” by videos that stall or rebuffer and 85% have quit watching because of it; 19.9% are driven up a wall by videos that fail on playback or show an error message; and 18.8% areirked by videos that are slow to load and start--and 85% have quit trying when it happens, too.

    Only 14.3% are actually frustrated by a bad picture-- as long as there issome kind of picture, apparently.

    Altogether nearly 93% have abandoned a video because of some hassle actually playing it/seeing it.

    Moving from what bugs them to how often it does, video stalls and rebuffers is the most frequent problem they encounter, (41.4%). Slow loads get second place on the frequency list at26%. Playback that fails or flashes an error message is the most frequent problem for 17.5%

    These are problems that drive me mad and generally I won’t put up withthe bad stuff.  (That’s what I tell myself, anyway.)

    According to the Mux survey, I’m not alone, but I’m sort of impressed that by measure, videoviewers are, on balance, a rather forgiving bunch.  

    Yes it is true nearly 5% stop trying the moment a video malfunctions and 15.6% will give just one more chance.Then cooler heads begin to prevail: 52.3% will try “two or three” times; 20.5% will give four to six chances; and the Mother Theresa contingent (6.5%) will keep plugging away even aftervideo gives them trouble seven or more times. They must have perfect blood pressure.

    Actually OTT streamers live a relatively charmed existence. The largest percentageof those surveyed blame their Internet supplier or their own Wi-Fi  for slow loading or rebuffering hassles, not the content supplier, though the content app publisher gets knocked for playbackfailures and lousy picture and a share of everything else. The smart TV or streaming provider (like Roku or Apple) gets little blame for anything.

    A current report onthe stalling/buffering/swearing at your device issue getsthe attention of eMarketer, where I first heard of the Mux report. It doesn’t offer a lot of advice, but offers some sympathy: “The challenge for media andadvertising executives seeking to prevent such issues is that there is no single cause for video streaming quality problems, and that some of these problems are out of their control.”

    That’s also what cable companies used to say when the repairman was late.

    Source: Media Post: VidBlog
  • Rooted in Counterculture, Whole Foods’ Founder Finds an Unlikely Refuge
    By MICHAEL J. de la MERCED and ALEXANDRA STEVENSON - Friday Jun 16, 2017

    John Mackey wanted to fight off the activist investors attacking Whole Foods. He found a savior in Amazon, a company blamed for laying waste to retailers.

    Source: NYT > Home Page
  • Critic's Notebook: Foreign Horror TV Shows Are Light on Monsters, Heavy on Mood
    By MIKE HALE - Friday Jun 16, 2017

    On the streaming service Shudder, foreign series like “Jordskott” and “Penance” offer a classic psychological dread that’s in short supply on American TV.

    Source: NYT > Home Page
  • Fit City: Taking Night-Life Cue, Gyms Lower the Lights
    By TATIANA BONCOMPAGNI - Tuesday Jun 13, 2017

    Cycling, boxing and running studios, as well as some full-service gyms, are using sophisticated lighting systems to heighten the exercise experience.

    Source: NYT > Home Page
  • Living the Urban Life Upstate
    By KIM VELSEY - Friday Jun 16, 2017

    A New York couple who prefer to rent in the thick of things, even in a Hudson Valley town.

    Source: NYT > Home Page
  • Facebook Bug Exposed Names of Content Moderators to Suspected Terrorists
    Saturday Jun 17, 2017

    Facebook Inc. inadvertently exposed the names of some moderators to suspected terrorists and other groups whose content the workers were tasked with reviewing, a flaw the company Friday said has been fixed.

    Source: The Wall Street Journal: Technology: What's News
  • Police Rescue Puppy Locked In Hot Car Outside Walmart
    By Ashlee Kieler - Tuesday Jun 20, 2017

    No matter how many times you hear of children and pets having to be rescued from locked, hot cars, some people still think it’s not an absolutely horrible idea to leave their little ones trapped inside sealed-up vehicles in sizzling hot parking lots. The Houston Chronicle reports that police in the Austin-area city of Manor, TX, were recently called …

    Source: The Consumerist
  • Planting Time For Zone 8 Bulbs: When Do I Plant Zone 8 Bulbs
    By Darcy Larum - Friday Jun 23, 2017

    By Darcy Larum, Landscape Designer Nothing screams “Spring is here!” quite like a bed full of blooming tulips and daffodils. They are the harbingers of spring and nicer weather to follow. Spring blooming bulbs dot our landscapes and we decorate our homes for Easter with potted hyacinths, daffodils, and tulips. While gardeners in cooler, northern climates may take these reliable, naturalizing bulbs for granted, in hot, southern climates, most gardeners can only enjoy some of them as annuals and container grown plants. Continue reading to learn about growing bulbs in zone 8. When to Plant Bulbs in Zone 8 There are two main types of bulbs we plant in the garden: spring flowering bulbs and summer flowering bulbs. Spring flowering bulbs are probably what comes to mind the most often, when you hear someone mention bulbs. These bulbs include: Tulip Daffodil Crocus Hyacinth Iris Anemone Ranunculus Lily of the valley

    Source: Gardening Know How