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  • Blink Health Ends Pact With Express Scripts for Lilly Insulin Price Discounts
    Tuesday Jun 13, 2017

    Blink Health LLC, a provider of consumer price discounts for prescription drugs, said it has terminated its relationship with Express Scripts Holding Co., a pharmacy-benefit manager that helped arrange the new price break for Lilly’s insulin.

    Source: The Wall Street Journal: U.S. Business
  • Theresa May Battles to Hold On as U.K. Prime Minister
    By STEPHEN CASTLE - Monday Jun 12, 2017

    In a meeting with restive lawmakers in her Conservative Party on Monday, Mrs. May will appeal for the unified backing she will need to survive for long as head of a minority government.

    Source: NYT > Home Page
  • Annette Bening Named as President of Venice Film Festival Jury
    By Nigel M. Smith, provided by
    - Wednesday Jul 5, 2017

    “It was time to break with a long list of male presidents and invite a brilliant talented and inspiring woman to chair our international competition jury,” Venice artistic director Alberto Barbera said in a statement.“I am extremely happy that Annette Bening has accepted this role, which she will carry out by virtue of her stature, her intellect and the talents she has manifested over the course of her career, in Hollywood, Europe and on the stage,” he added.Bening is the sixth female jury president at the world’s oldest film festival, following Deneuve, Gong Li (2002), Jane Campion (1997), Sabine Azéma (1987), and Suso Cecchi D’Amico (1980).In recent years, the Venice Film Festival has become an important awards season stop: past world premieres include “La La Land,” “Spotlight” and “Gravity.”

    Source: Daily Dish
  • Young Socialites Conjure the Ghost of Leonard Bernstein at the Dakota
    By BEN WIDDICOMBE - Saturday Jun 24, 2017

    When Larry Milstein, 22, and his sister Toby, 24, are not hobnobbing on the young socialite circuit, they hold séances in their family’s apartment.

    Source: NYT > Home Page
  • ‘Game of Thrones': Clues About the Ironborn and House Greyjoy From Real Viking History (Guest Blog)
    By Carolyne Larrington, provided by
    - Friday Jul 7, 2017

    Ironborn military power is underpinned by their slender, beautifully designed warships which allow them to strike at will along the Westerosi coastline, and so it’s tempting to compare them with the Vikings, the medieval Scandinavian raiders who brought terror to Europe for three centuries.When he discovers that Theon’s splendid neck chain was bought rather than stolen, Balon tears it from his son’s neck, snarling, “That bauble around your neck, did you pay the iron-price for it, or the gold?” Balon clearly is not the kind of medieval Scandinavian king who would be celebrated by his court poets (skalds) for distributing treasure; no one would praise him as a “breaker of rings” or a “thrower of gold” or even a “hater … of the flame-red dragon square,” to cite just a few of Old Norse poetry’s terms for the generous king.The military successes of the Viking-age Scandinavians — settling northern England, founding Dublin and establishing the duchy of Normandy — were possible because their ships could travel far up the great rivers of Europe.The Great Army which swept across northern England in 865 A.D. took horses from those they defeated and thus were mobile enough to achieve military success inland, away from the rivers and coastlines where they easily could regroup on their ships.The Ironborn’s faith is very different from any version of Viking religion that we know of, but their belief in life after death closely resembles a watery version of Valhalla, the god Odin’s great hall, where the valkyries bring heroes who die in battle.When Yara and Theon sailed to Meereen to put their 50 ships at the disposal of Daenerys Targaryen for her long-anticipated invasion of Westeros, Daenerys agreed to support Yara’s claim to the Salt Chair, the Ironborn throne.The Vikings may have left their homelands because population pressure made it hard for them to sustain a living by agriculture on the thin soils and limited flatlands of the Norwegian or Icelandic fjords.For most of the Viking Age, Vikings were already successful traders, dealing in foodstuffs, timber, furs, falcons and slaves all across the North Atlantic, settling into lives as merchants and craftsmen in thriving towns such as Bergen and Trondheim.

    Source: Daily Dish
  • The 90 Best Movies of the ’90s, In Honor of CNN’s ‘The Nineties’ (Photos)
    By Brian Welk, provided by
    - Saturday Jul 8, 2017

    Tom Hanks plays a gay, HIV positive lawyer whose only help comes from a homophobic lawyer played by Denzel Washington, both giving stellar performances.Director Jonathan Demme finds intimate humanity in the courtroom drama that elevates “Philadelphia” from just being a message movie.Eventually, his disguise works so well that he is sent to a Hitler Youth Academy, where he witnesses the Nazis’ vicious propaganda firsthand.In addition to exploring the nature of hate and the folly of the structures used to justify it, “Europa, Europa” provides genuine thrills as Perel barely manages to protect his secret. –Bryan Singer’s twisty crime film leads you down endless rabbit holes of how five criminals got caught in a deadly shootout on a boat as recounted by one sole survivor, all until Singer pulls the rug out from under you with a surprise and a villain for the ages.Keanu Reeves as Johnny Utah, a former college football star turned FBI agent who goes undercover to takedown Bodhi’s band of renegade thieves.Wes Craven revitalized the slasher horror movie with “Scream” by twisting the genre tropes with humor and movie trivia and making it deeply self-aware and self-referential.[...] the psychological implications of split personality and Tyler Durden’s dark philosophies on life have made “Fight Club” posters a staple of dorm rooms everywhere.“Eve’s Bayou” is a stirring drama set in 1962 Louisiana about infidelity, lies and how it corrupts families in Kasi Lemmons’s film.The movie’s subject matter proved highly controversial, but the way Solondz bleakly frames these people as depressing, pitiable individuals is harrowing and moving.“Reservoir Dogs” has Tarantino’s intelligent dialogue, his rich ensemble characters and fluid filmmaking all in his debut film about how violence is everywhere.Al Pacino and Robert De Niro are the best of enemies in Michael Mann’s “Heat,” an expertly constructed heist and action thriller.The pivotal final chase and shootout is a pounding, deafening battle of machine guns and our torn allegiances to both cop and robber.The attention to period detail is captivating as the plot flashes back to before the war following the intertwining lives of a butler and housekeeper in prosperous British home, and the callow British lord whom they serve — who may have pro-Nazi sentiments.The War Room – D.A. Pennebaker and Chris Hegedus made the pinnacle of political documentaries, acting as flies on the wall of the 1992 Bill Clinton presidential campaign and the insiders like James Carville and George Stephanopoulos who obsessed over the election.Comedies would move away from the ludicrous cartoon character Mike Myers creates in Austin Powers and Dr. Evil, but their dopey charm still hold up be it in trying to carefully hide nudity or in silly gags about a Swedish penis enlarger.After an oxygen tank explodes, the astronauts are forced to abort their lunar landing and broke a record for the farthest humans had ever been from Earth when they passed the other side of the moon. –The trend all began here, with the fictional story of three filmmakers heading into the woods to document the local legend of the Blair Witch – resulting in a terrifying 81 minutes of low budget horror that many movie-goers around the world thought was real.The use of guerilla style marketing on the internet (which was revolutionary at the time) and tricks like the distribution of flyers at Sundance looking for the missing filmmakers sparked endless debate over what was fact or fiction … and led to a box office haul of $248.6 million from an initial budget of $60,000. –Robert Altman brought his overlapping dialogue and fly-on-the-wall style to make a satire and stirring commentary on modern Hollywood.“The English Patient” is a searing weeper (though don’t ask Elaine Benes) caught up between war, global politics and a man badly burned in a plane crash.How many kids learned about death by watching Mufasa get trampled by a stampede of wildebeests? “The Lion King” is heavy drama for a kids movie, despite the fancy-free “Hakuna Matata” and countless other catchy tunes.[...] this feminist fairy tale continues to captivate audiences with its idiosyncratic characters. –Named for an Eazy-E song written by O’Shea “Ice Cube” Jackson, and featuring Cube as troubled drug dealer Doughboy, “Boys N the Hood” showed the vulnerability of people struggling for a way out of South-Central — not just the stereotypical caricatures presented in hip-hop lyrics and, worse, the evening news.Whit Stillman made a gorgeous ’90s trilogy of films about young urbanites in love, then spent 13 years in limbo until his next sublime project, 2011’s “Damsels in Distress.”[...] the “Lady and the Tramp” discussion marks the high point of the very 90s cinematic trend of twentysomething characters waaaaaaaay overanalyzing cartoons.A disquieting mixture of the carnal and the spiritual (with, strangely enough, a killer ’70s Brit-rock soundtrack), “Breaking the Waves” announced the arrival of a filmmaker who would keep on shaking us up with the likes of “Dancer in the Dark,” “Antichrist,” “Melancholia” and “Nymphomaniac.” –Country gals Dottie and Kit (Geena Davis and Lori Petty) are pitched way out of their comfort zone with the help of a pair of mouthy New Yorker teammates (Madonna and Rosie O’Donnell), and a heavy-drinking manager (Tom Hanks) as they play for a World Series Peaches with the Rockford Peaches.Robert Zemeckis seeks to chronicle the American experience in the 20th Century and does so without cynicism and an eye toward folksy charm and magic.Danny Boyle’s film has a dirty, hilarious sense of humor and the energy of a chase movie, not to mention a great British punk attitude, but it doesn’t glamorize drug use.The film itself drags in some places and Swank’s casting — when a trans actor could’ve been cast instead — only shows we’ve come a long way since 1999 in terms of trans representation.“Babe” is a lovely fable about a pig who learns to act like a sheep dog and earns the love and nurturing of a caring farmer played by James Cromwell.Based on the psychological thriller novel written by Patricia Highsmith, “The Talented Mr. Ripley” gave viewers their first glimpse of golden boy Matt Damon in a sinister role as the cunning Tom Ripley.

    Source: Daily Dish
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