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  • How clean energy is transforming the world, in 5 charts
    By Maria Gallucci - Wednesday Jun 14, 2017

    Take it straight from a major fossil fuel supplier: The world's energy mix is changing, and it's shifting toward lower-carbon fuels.

    BP, the British oil and gas giant, said global efforts to slash greenhouse gas emissions and boost efficiency are having a tangible effect on global energy markets, with two main narratives playing out: the decline of coal, and the rapid rise of wind and solar power.

    This week, BP released its Statistical Review of World Energy on 2016 data. For 66 years, this annual report has served as an energy industry statistical bible of sorts, painting the broad picture of global energy development.  Read more...

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  • In the Huddle With NY Jets Owner Woody Johnson
    Friday Oct 15, 2010

    Woody Johnson, owner of the New York Jets NFL franchise, joins WSJ's Lee Hawkins for the "WSJ Weekend Conversations" series to talk about the Jets' Super Bowl prospects, co-chairing the 2014 Super Bowl host committee, and his charitable interests.

    Source: The Wall Street Journal: Weekend Conversations
  • Coal company sues John Oliver for being John Oliver
    By Maria Gallucci - Thursday Jun 22, 2017

    A U.S. coal company is firing back at John Oliver after the Last Week Tonight host slammed its CEO in a June 18 show.

    On Wednesday, Murray Energy filed suit against Oliver, HBO, and Time Warner for defamation. The lawsuit accuses Oliver of hosting a "false and malicious broadcast" and of carrying out a "meticulously planned attempt to assassinate the character and reputation" of Bob Murray, the Ohio company's chief executive.

    Oliver's show also skewered President Trump's pro-coal platform and promises to revive the long-suffering industry. The Trump administration has made a big spectacle in recent months of championing coal while sidelining efforts to address climate change. Read more...

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  • Can the U.S. run only on wind, water, and solar power? Scientists disagree.
    By Maria Gallucci - Wednesday Jun 21, 2017

    Scientists widely agree that human activity is the main driver of global warming, and that we have to radically reduce greenhouse gas emissions to avoid its worst impacts. But when it comes to how we can best slash emissions, some scientists are fiercely at odds.

    A scholarly brawl broke out this week after energy experts ripped apart a widely cited 2015 study that found the U.S. economy could affordably run on 100-percent renewable energy by midcentury.

    Nearly two dozen physicists, engineers, climate scientists, and scholars poked gaping holes in the previous analysis — which asserts that wind, solar, and hydropower alone could power not only the entire U.S. electric grid but also the transportation system, all heating needs, and the entire industrial sector by 2055.  Read more...

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  • “It’s Shame On Us If We Blow It”: Highlights From NY Seizes the Momentum
    By Ben Fidler - Wednesday Jun 7, 2017

    Mike Foley, a drug industry veteran and director of the Tri-Institutional Therapeutics Discovery Institute, has a pointed message for the New York life sciences industry: Don’t waste the moment. Changing the course of New York biotech has been a saga that dates back to the 1990s, and as Xconomy has detailed, progress has been made […]

    Source: Xconomy VC, Deals, & Startups Feed
  • Cable companies are going to screw up the internet because that's their job
    By Jason Abbruzzese - Wednesday Jun 14, 2017

    You can't really get that mad at the companies that provide internet service to Americans.

    They're destined to screw up the internet. They were created decades ago to screw up the internet. 

    Without the proper rules, few people outside of the company's own lobbyists and think tanks believe there's any chance that they don't screw up the internet. After all, these companies are obligated to do so by their shareholders. The internet doesn't exist apart from capitalism. 

    That's why the ongoing net neutrality debate is so important. The internet is a a lot of things to a lot of people, but the one universal thing is that it's fair. Your bits are as good as my bits are as good as Google's bits.  Read more...

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  • Trump to mayor of sinking island: Don't worry about sea level rise
    By Andrew Freedman - Wednesday Jun 14, 2017

    Sea level rise caused by global warming is threatening the existence of the tiny community of Tangier Island, Virginia, located in Chesapeake Bay. 

    Yet a CNN report on the town's plight appears to have prompted President Donald Trump to call the town's mayor to assure him that his town will not succumb to rising seas by the middle of this century, despite what scientists predict. 

    Instead, Trump told mayor James “Ooker” Eskridge in a phone call on Monday that residents of Tangier Island have nothing to fear when it comes to rising sea levels. 

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  • Rep. Meeks: 'Bad Culture' at Wells Fargo
    Thursday Sep 29, 2016

    Rep. Gregory Meeks (D., N.Y.) questions Wells Fargo CEO John Stumpf on the "bad culture" at Wells Fargo. Photo: AP

    Source: The Wall Street Journal: Funds