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  • Mid-century modern in San Mateo looks the way it did when it was built in the 1950s
    By Anna Marie Erwert - Wednesday Jul 5, 2017

    This immaculate, carefully preserved mid-century modern has had only one owner since it was built in 1956 in San Mateo’s Sunset Terrace. It’s one of 12 homes in the neighborhood known as a “Mogie,”so named for their Danish architect Mogens Mogensen who was recognized for his clean, modern design and Scandinavian aesthetic. This owner is

    Source: On The Block Real Estate Blog
  • 19th-Century Diary Suggests Slaves Are Buried in Brooklyn Lot
    By MICHAEL WILSON - Friday Aug 4, 2017

    A Gowanus farmer’s writings from 1828 to 1830 describe burying them on property that includes the proposed site of a prekindergarten.

    Source: NYT > Home Page
  • NY AG presses TransUnion, Experian for cybersecurity details
    By DAVID KLEPPER, Associated Press - Tuesday Sep 19, 2017

    ALBANY, N.Y. (AP) — New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman is pressing TransUnion and Experian to explain what cybersecurity they have in place to protect sensitive consumer information following a recent breach at Equifax that exposed the data of 143 million Americans.In letters to executives at the two credit monitoring companies, the Democratic attorney general asked them to describe their existing security systems as well as what changes they've made since the Equifax cyberattack."The unprecedented data breach experienced by Equifax Inc.

    Source: Tech News
  • Is rising rent a myth? For many, incomes seem to be keeping up
    By Patrick Clark, Bloomberg - Sunday Sep 17, 2017

    Most people paying attention to the cost of renting an apartment in the U.S. would tell you that prices have gotten out of hand. That's certainly true at the extremes where, say, the typical two-bedroom in the Bay Area suburb of San Mateo, California., clocks in at $4,300 a month. More broadly, the supply of new housing isn't keeping up with demand, pushing rents up in cities across the country. It stands to reason, then, that Americans are spending an ever larger share of their incomes on rent, limiting the amount they can spend on everything from health care to groceries to saving for retirement-or to buy a home.

    Source: Business and Technology News
  • State appeals court tells billionaire he must open Martins Beach to public
    By Peter Fimrite and Steve Rubenstein - Thursday Aug 10, 2017

    A state appeals court ruled Thursday that a billionaire land owner had no right to block public access to a San Mateo County beach without first obtaining a permit, rejecting arguments that a forced opening would be tantamount to stealing his property.“The courts said exactly what the legislature said — the public has the right to access the coast,” said Joseph Cotchett, the lead attorney for Surfrider in a hastily arranged news conference in his San Bruno office.Neither Khosla nor his attorneys could be reached for comment, but they told the court that any interference by the state of his “fundamental right to exclude the public from private property” would be a type of confiscation — a “taking,” in legal terms — that requires compensation under U.S. Supreme Court property-rights rulings.“He’s attacking the California Coastal Act, is what he’s doing,” Cotchett said of the act established by the state legislature in 1976 to protect public access to the shoreline.A group called Friends of Martins Beach sued in San Mateo Superior Court, and Judge Gerald Buchwald ruled in Khosla’s favor in 2013, saying the beach was subject to the 1848 Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo, which ended the Mexican-American War and required the United States to recognize Mexican land grants.[...] in September 2014, Superior Court Judge Barbara Mallach ruled that Khosla’s failure to obtain a coastal development permit before blocking access to the beach was illegal — and ordered the gate reopened.“One of the basic goals of the state for the coastal zone is to maximize public access to and along the coast and maximize public recreational opportunities in the coastal zone,” the justices stated in their opinion.Legal experts say Khosla may be able to get a stay of the order if he appeals to the state Supreme Court, but Cotchet vowed to seek the help of the San Mateo County Sheriff if he doesn’t open the gate by Friday.

    Source: Bay Area News
  • Woman allegedly stabs brother during stop at San Mateo gas station
    By Jill Tucker - Wednesday Aug 16, 2017

    An Oregon woman reportedly stabbed her brother multiple times during a road-trip gas station stop in San Mateo on Tuesday evening, police said. Evelynn Enriquez, 30, was arrested on suspicion of attempted murder. Her brother was transported to a hospital with non-life threatening injuries. The siblings were traveling back from Santa Cruz to Oregon about 9 p.m. Tuesday with friends and stopped at the Shell Gas Station at 2901 South Norfolk Street. An argument broke out between two women and a male that escalated. After stabbing her brother, Enriquez fled the scene in a green Honda Civic, but was found minutes later by Foster City Police, police said.

    Source: Bay Area News
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