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  • Bald eagle threat: Lead ammo left behind by hunters
    By MARY ESCH, Associated Press - Sunday Jul 16, 2017

    ALBANY, N.Y. (AP) — Bald eagles have made a remarkable recovery across the United States since the pesticide DDT was banned 45 years ago, but the majestic birds are still dying from another environmental poison: lead from bullets and shotgun pellets in wildlife carcasses left behind by hunters.In New York, which has been a leader in the bald eagle restoration in the Northeast for four decades, state wildlife researchers have documented a growing number of eagle deaths from lead poisoning in recent years.In New York, lead poisoning was confirmed as the cause of death in 38 of 336 bald eagles brought to a Department of Environmental Conservation lab near Albany between 2000 and 2015, said state wildlife biologist Kevin Hynes, who does the necropsies."Eagles are doing very well, their recovery is a great success story largely supported by excise taxes paid by hunters" on lead ammunition and guns, said Lawrence Keane, senior vice president of the National Shooting Sports Association.Virginia wildlife advocate Clark said that rather than a ban on lead ammunition, his group is seeking a public education campaign so hunters are aware of the problem and how they can help.

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  • U.S. Reopens Harley Settlement, Cutting Funds for Pollution Reduction Plan
    By HIROKO TABUCHI - Thursday Jul 20, 2017

    The Trump administration took $3 million off the motorcycle maker’s fine in a pollution case, applying a new policy barring benefits to third parties.

    Source: NYT > Home Page
  • Air Canada flight came 100 feet from hitting planes at SFO
    By Sarah Ravani - Thursday Jul 13, 2017

    The pilot of an Air Canada flight was ordered to abort a nighttime landing at San Francisco International Airport last week after coming 100 feet from hitting two of four commercial planes lined up on a taxiway to takeoff, Canadian investigators said in a report released Thursday.The preliminary report by the Transportation Safety Board of Canada found that the Air Canada jet, an Airbus A320 with 140 people aboard, was approaching Taxiway C instead of the adjacent runway when the pilot was ordered to pull out of the landing.The plane, which had been cleared for landing on Runway 28R by air traffic controllers, was about 100 feet above the first two planes on the taxiway, 200 feet above the third plane in line for takeoff and 300 feet above the last jet waiting to depart when the landing was aborted.The aircraft was also determined to be about 29 feet off to the side of the planes at the front pack on Taxiway C waiting to takeoff, investigators said.The report also stated that the air traffic controller that was instructing the pilot was “coordinating another facility” at the time of the landing when a crew member from one of the sitting aircraft intervened and asked where the Air Canada jet was going.“One of the things that I know investigators will probably do is try to talk to air traffic controllers as well as the crew of the incident aircraft,” Holloway said.The Air Canada jet was instructed by an air traffic controller to reroute and conduct a “go-around” as it approached the runway just before midnight Friday, according to the FAA.

    Source: Bay Area News
  • A Handmaid’s Tale of Protest
    By CHRISTINE HAUSER - Friday Jun 30, 2017

    In state capitals and street protests, women’s rights activists have been wearing red robes and white bonnets based on “The Handmaid's Tale,” the 1985 novel that is now a series on Hulu.

    Source: NYT > Home Page
  • Lighting should have made pilots aware of potential disaster
    By DAVID KOENIG, AP Airlines Writer - Saturday Jul 15, 2017

    Investigators looking into the frighteningly close call involving an airliner that nearly hit planes on the ground at San Francisco International Airport will try to determine why the pilots made such a rookie mistake and nearly landed on a busy taxiway instead of the runway.Investigators from the U.S. National Transportation Safety Board may arrive this weekend and interview the pilots and air traffic controllers, an agency spokesman said Friday.After an air traffic controller ordered them to abandon their landing, the pilots pulled up their Airbus A320 just in time, circled and landed correctly on the runway.A recording of the radio calls between pilots and the control tower captured uncertainty in the Air Canada cockpit as the plane approached shortly before midnight on July 7.From the vantage point of the Air Canada crew, four parallel surfaces appeared below them — from left to right they were taxiway F; runway 28L, which was closed; runway 28R, on which they were supposed to land, and taxiway C, where the other planes were waiting their turn to take off.Chris Manno, an American Airlines pilot, said the Air Canada crew should have stopped their approach while they figured out why they were seeing lights from other planes on what they thought was the runway.Three passengers died after the plane's tail struck a seawall while landing on runway 28L — next to the runway where the Air Canada jet landed.

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  • Delta Air Lines Refunds Ann Coulter $30 After Twitter Complaints
    By CHRISTOPHER MELE - Monday Jul 17, 2017

    The conservative commentator posted a barrage of criticism about Delta Air Lines on Twitter. Delta responded that her actions were “unnecessary and unacceptable.”

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