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  • Veeva Systems lawsuit challenges noncompete agreements
    By Peter Blumberg and Sarah McBride - Tuesday Jul 18, 2017

    Veeva Systems Inc., a target of lawsuits over hiring away employees from rivals in life sciences cloud computing, is now trying to turn the tables.In announcing its suit against three companies that have sought court orders to block ex-employees from joining Veeva or allegedly threatened litigation — Medidata Solutions Inc., Quintiles IMS Inc. and Sparta Systems Inc. — Veeva said it’s taking a stand to end a practice it views as anticompetitive.“Employees should have the right to move freely between jobs, advance their careers and improve their lives without fear of being sued by their former employers,” Veeva CEO Peter Gassner said in a statement.Medidata, based in New York City, said it supports and respects the rights of workers to build their careers, but it sued Veeva in January over the defection of five employees, challenging the Pleasanton company’s “illegal targeting and unfair use of our trade secrets.”Typically, a noncompete agreement — which many job candidates in the tech world have to sign as a condition of employment — bars them from working on rival products for a set period of time, say a year, after leaving their current employer.Supporters say they help protect trade secrets and other confidential information and prevent rapid turnover at companies that have made big investments to train employees.

    Source: Business and Technology News
  • Trump’s Tough Talk on North Korea Puts Japan’s Leader in Delicate Spot
    By JONATHAN SOBLE - Friday Aug 11, 2017

    North Korea’s accelerating military advances — and President Trump’s volatile response — could complicate Japan’s close alliance with the United States.

    Source: NYT > Home Page
  • Common Sense: Feel Good About the Markets? Maybe You Shouldn’t Read This
    By JAMES B. STEWART - Thursday Jun 29, 2017

    President Trump has taken credit for a surging market this year. But tech stocks, the Fed and the president himself could change that picture.

    Source: NYT > Home Page
  • Gates Foundation Awards $12.6 Million for Polio Vaccine Research
    By (Matt Sinclair) - Sunday Jun 11, 2017

    The three-year grant to Korean chemical company LG Chem will be used to advance clinical trials on a new inactivated polio vaccine....

    Source: Philanthropy News Digest (PND)
  • Data Center Automation Advances Hybrid Cloud
    By Charles Babcock Editor at Large, Cloud - Thursday Jul 6, 2017

    Data center infrastructure management is a new form of automation, minimizing some legacy system drawbacks.

    Source: Information Week
  • Perfecting Pinot at Clos de la Tech
    By Matt Kettmann - Thursday Aug 10, 2017

    Right now, on very small blocks of his vineyards, which ride the ridge between Half Moon Bay and Woodside, underground probes are monitoring water absorption rates and radioing that information to a central computer, which then relays it to irrigation valves powered by thumbnail-size solar panels.“In a typical vineyard, you can find plants that are dying for water and undercropping, and you can find plants that are waterlogged and producing poor-quality fruit,” said Rodgers.The resulting technology — which Rodgers is starting to sell through his startup company WaterBit Inc. — is likely to conserve water and ensure more evenly dispersed and ripened grapes.The Waterbit technology will be a boon for large commercial grape growers and other fruit and vegetable farmers, who also use their irrigation systems to distribute fertilizers, called “fertigation.”“My propensity is to do everything 100 percent without any compromise,” explained Rodgers, who began reading academic journals on wine, started tinkering with ways to control and monitor fermentation temperatures, and even built his own press.In 2000, they took the brand commercial and bought two more pieces of vineyard property closer to the ridgetop, including the steeply sloped, ocean-facing property above La Honda where they built their winery into underground caves.Clos de la Tech was developing technology along a similar path, so he reached out, toured the vineyard (“one of the most meticulous”) and winery (“almost like Disneyland”), and gave his spiel about how valuable it would be to collect these aromas and then sell them to large commercial producers whose wines needed better bouquets.“The next thing I know, they’re flying me out there to talk about the aroma collection and utilization project,” said Goldfarb, who returned to work the 2012 harvest at Clos de la Tech and was then taught how to manage the vineyards by the renowned viticulturist Rex Geitner, who died in 2013.While the aromatic capture project is currently caught in a regulatory limbo — despite wide interest, it’s unclear whether the feds would treat it as distilling, and arcane state laws need some tweaking — Goldfarb, Massey and Rodgers continue to test the scalability of their integrated fermentation control system with UC Davis.Being surrounded by a commitment to making the best wine possible, and the intelligence creativity, and mind power that’s fueling the operation is really exciting and motivating.“If you bring that kind of scientific inquisitiveness to winemaking, where you throw in a living thing, from the ground to the grapes to the microorganisms, the complexity goes up by a factor of thousands,” said Rodgers, who can explain tannin molecule differences, anthocyanin ratios and quercitin creation at the deepest of levels.

    Source: Wine
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